Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My sunflowers!!!

Here is a test for the male spirit. I different from the other, but it may have potential!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Here a couple of new test for the female spirit.
The blue is from Maya, the yellow as some Photoshop filters.

I need help, this one render took 26 MINUTES!!!!!


The good thing is that is looking good!! I may have to bake the petals.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

And finally, and update on my room.

Here are a couple of close up of my spirit girl. One is with final gather and the other one is with no final gather.
The one without it looks better!

So here is my female spirit with her new texture. I use mental ray and then I added a direct red light to make her look more orange.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here is the update on the low poly flower and the high poly flower.

Doing layouts is hard!!!

Here is my work in progress so far

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So here is my sunflower model so far (the low poly and meduim poly).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This illustration will give you a better understanding of how I want my heaven to look like as well as how my main characters will interact with the spirits.

So here is another detail study of Juliana's messy room

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here is a new render as well as a couple of texture maps for the room. It's feeling a bit "Peter Pan" like, but I think is getting much closer to what I have in mind. I like the painting effect the feeling that is getting!

So as you know, the mayority of my story is going to take place in my character's room and therefore her feelings of sadness should be transmited to the audience by looking at her suroondings. Here is a detail study of her night table.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Asset List

Week one: Review my asset list with teacher and classmates.
Start paintings some textures on Photoshop to be use in environment one (Juliana’s room). Work on getting video references ready for next week. Keep working on spirits textures. (Male and female)

Week Two: Review concept art with teacher and classmates as well as video references. Show some test render of Juliana’s bed (blanket, pillows, bed headers). Keep working on environment one as well as the spirits characters.

Week Three: Review test renders of environment one. Show textures of furniture such bed stand and dresser. Work on props to make room look messy. Have texture 90% finish on the spirits. Show some test renders in after effects, get critiques from teacher and classmates and make corrections for next week. Put them with 2D characters if possible (no animation).

Week Four: Spirits textures must be complete. Critique them with teacher and classmates for final suggestions. Keep working on environment one. Show renders texture on chair and teddy bear. Star placing lights and cameras. Start working on environment two (Juliana’s town).

Week Five: Texture on environment one must be 90% complete. Show some test renders to teacher and classmates for critique. Show spirits again only if suggestions were given the week before. Keep working on models for environment two.

Week Six: Environment one complete with lights (night). All models for environment two must be done. Start working on textures for environment two.

Week Seven: Work on textures for environment two. Start testing camera movement on the city to be use in flying scene on “Sunflower”. Test spirit characters (3D) with main characters in heaven environment in After Effects (no 3D models require).

Week Eight: 75% of texture complete on environment two. Show test renders with camera movement. Start placing lights. Show some test renders of heaven environment.

Week Nine: Texture for environment two must be complete. Work on test animation with some lights for flying scene. Star testing lights for environment one B (dawn).

Week Ten: Environment two complete (lights and textures). Keep working on test animation of flying scene. Place characters on environment one for test ( no animation).

Week 11: Flying scene test complete. Environment one and one B complete with characters (2D) . Heaven environment complete with characters (3D and 2D).

List of Models

Female Spirit: Done

Male Spirit: 90% complete

Environment One

Blanket: Done

Pillows: Done

Head boards: redo

Furniture: Done

Vase: Done

Curtains: Not finish. (may be 2d)

Clothes on the floor: Not finish

Empty bottle of wine: Not finish

Empty glass: Not finish

Environment Two

To be determine

More concept art